Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How do I increase the heap size available to Eclipse/MyEclipse?

How do I increase the heap size available to Eclipse/MyEclipse?

Some JVMs put restrictions on the total size of memory available on the heap space. If you are getting Out of Memory Warning while running Eclipse/MyEclipse, the VM prompt corresponding box and let the heap grow to a larger amount by passing the -vmargs command to the Eclipse launcher.

For example, the following command would run Eclipse with a heap size of 512MB,

eclipse [normal arguments] -vmargs -Xmx512M [more VM args]

1. Sometimes, the changes which are done in eclipse/MyEclipse will reflect and heap size increase. If it fails just go with step 2.

2. Change as below in the eclipse.ini/myeclipse.ini file which is located in the installation path,


And this will increase heap size to 1024MB.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Open "localhost" web server from Android Emulator using Eclipse

A localhost plainly refers the standard hostname given to the address assigned to the loopback network interface. When translating into an IP address, a localhost is always designated as

If you want to refer to the computer which is running the Android emulator, try the IP address instead. You can read more info from,

Refer :

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Remove delta search from firefox or ie or chrome

This steps are all common for IE,Firefox,Chrome, etc.,

If you tired of removing delta-search from browser, you can try this way too,

Step -1 -Remove from short cuts.
Go to -> browser short cuts -> Right click -> Properties -> Target Path -> Remove the delta search information from target.

Step -2  -Remove Delta Toolbar from Add-ons manager
Settings ->
In Add-ons manager left side menu bar, make sure Extensions is selected.
Disable or remove the Delta Toolbar add-on.
Restart the browser.

Step -3 -Remove Delta Toolbar from Windows programs
Select Programs and Features.
Select the Delta Toolbar from the Programs list and right click to uninstall.
Click Yes on the popup message.

Step -4 - Remove Delta Search home page
In the General tab, delete the Delta URL from the Home page text box.                                          
Click OK to save the changes.

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